Valoon for property management

Valoon revolutionizes the exchange between managers and tenants: By integrating with popular messengers such as WhatsApp, we enable the quick sending and receiving of texts, images, videos and voice messages. Tenants reply directly from the same platform, making the process intuitive and efficient. No new software required - for higher acceptance and improved read rate of important information!

Email & WhatsApp instead of customer portal

With Valoon, property managers communicate with tenants, owners and tradespeople via generally accepted communication channels such as email and messenger services like WhatsApp or Telegram.

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One central order management system instead of many isolated solutions

All messages are bundled in Valoon at a central location, translated if necessary and automatically assigned. Orders can be easily coordinated and sent directly from Valoon via email or WhatsApp.

Digital circulars instead of analog notices

With Valoon, documents such as statements, minutes or important notices can be sent directly by e-mail or WhatsApp to selected tenants, owners or even entire blocks of flats.



Some of the advantages for property managers

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