How is construction project management software revolutionizing everyday life on your construction site?

In the modern construction industry, time is money. Every day lost due to communication errors or inefficient work processes can make a project significantly more expensive. This is where construction project management software comes in, a revolutionary solution that promises to fundamentally change everyday life on construction sites.

The challenge on construction sites

Imagine you are the site manager of a large construction project. You juggle countless tasks every day: Communicating with subcontractors, monitoring construction progress, ordering materials and much more. The complexity of these processes often leads to misunderstandings and delays.

The solution: construction project management software

Valoon, an innovative startup from the construction and IT sector, has developed construction management software that addresses precisely these problems. This software integrates seamlessly with common messenger services and uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize the flow of information and documentation on construction sites. But what makes this software so special?

Intuitive communication:
It integrates with apps such as WhatsApp and MS Teams so that construction workers don't have to learn completely new software.

Automated documentation:
Artificial intelligence is used to fulfill documentation obligations in an automated and structured manner.

Increased efficiency:
Manual work processes are reduced, which saves time and therefore costs.

Example from practice

Let's say a problem occurs at a hard-to-reach part of the construction site. Instead of long email chains or phone calls, the site manager can share a photo in the group chat, where immediate solution suggestions are collected. The software automatically documents this exchange and thus fulfills the documentation requirement.


The introduction of construction project management software such as Valoon's is a decisive step towards digitalization in the construction industry. It not only simplifies day-to-day work, but also increases the overall efficiency of the project. By using such tools, construction projects can be completed faster, more cost-effectively and with fewer errors.

It's time to take a step into the future and explore how construction project management software can revolutionize your day-to-day work on the construction site.

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